Knitting workshops

Surprise jackets

Surprise jackets

The ideas and techniques that are the basis of Tricia’s knitting style are those of Elizabeth Zimmermann (1910-1999), who lived most of her adult life in the USA and was one of the most revered and innovative knitters of her generation.  She designed, knitted, wrote books, appeared on television and taught, using a method with circular needles, a minimum of purl and very few seams to sew at the end of making a garment.  A few simple techniques enable the knitter to knit the garment they really wanted to knit and also one that fits!  As Elizabeth’s niece, Tricia grew up knitting with this method.

From early autumn till late Spring Tricia holds occasional day-long workshops at her house in Colchester.

Cat on the knittingThere are a maximum of six students in each workshop, so each person can work on their own particular project.

Tricia is also available to give lectures and workshops for larger groups, throughout the country.

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