Wonnacott wool

Wonnacott sheep

Tricia grew up on Wonnacott Farm in Devon. The farm, which is still run by her sister’s family, is certified by the Soil Association as an organic farm.  Some Wonnacott fleeces are now available as knitting wool, spun by the Natural Fibre Company – also accredited by the Soil Association as meeting the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Three natural colours of Wonnacott Organic Wool

Wonnacott Organic Wool is available from Tricia in three natural colours:  a dark brown, almost black (Zwartbles), a creamy white (Roussin) and a grey (a blend of Zwartbles and Roussin).            A 100g skein of double knitting wool costs £10 plus postage.

Tel:  01206 543417                           Email:  tricia@parley.org.uk


PATTERNS for Wonnacott Organic Wool

Edmund & Lucy wearing Wonnacott Organic Wool 

Edmund’s garter stitch cardigan is knitted all in one piece, from the left front, round the body to the right front.  The shaping is achieved by using short rows.  Lucy’s jacket is also knitted in garter stitch and in one piece.  The all-over pattern is a Barbara Walker mosaic, knitted using a slip stitch method.  Only one colour yarn is used in any one row.

Patterns for these are available from Tricia.
Price:  £4 plus postage for printed paper copy
£3 for emailed pdf copy
Free pdf pattern with any purchase of two or more skeins of Wonnacott Organic Wool

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